Make Nice Money by Offering Free Printed Magazines is one of the latest most active and best affiliate programs where they offer free magazines especially for professionals from different industries. Some of the examples are computers, finance, automotive, internet, IT, healthcare, insurance, retail, energy, small business and even biotechnology.

It is an excellent way to make money from business content. Just link to individual items and offer to your readers. Voila. If they register, you get your share which is around $1,5 for a free signup on average. Suppose that you have blogs about making money online like mine. So, it would be logical to offer this free website magazine for your readers because people would enjoy it for free and directly related to your overall topic. Even you don't need a website because it is already ready for you. You would just need to promote it or the single items. Fast & easy cash with paypal payments. Nice addition to affiliate earning sources.

Get Paid to Offer Free Resources
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