Make Nice Money by Offering Free Printed Magazines is one of the latest most active and best affiliate programs where they offer free magazines especially for professionals from different industries. Some of the examples are computers, finance, automotive, internet, IT, healthcare, insurance, retail, energy, small business and even biotechnology.

It is an excellent way to make money from business content. Just link to individual items and offer to your readers. Voila. If they register, you get your share which is around $1,5 for a free signup on average. Suppose that you have blogs about making money online like mine. So, it would be logical to offer this free website magazine for your readers because people would enjoy it for free and directly related to your overall topic. Even you don't need a website because it is already ready for you. You would just need to promote it or the single items. Fast & easy cash with paypal payments. Nice addition to affiliate earning sources.

Get Paid to Offer Free Resources

Making Money with Adtoll Network

AdToll is a leading ad network on the scene that attempts to help webmasters market and sell ads on their websites to prospective advertisers. Similar to other ad networks such as AdBrite and AdEngage, AdToll acts as the middleman between publishers and advertisers. What makes these types of networks differ from the majority is that publishers can set their own prices, and advertisers can purchase ads on specific sites.

Adtoll is quite successful about targeting the visitors. I mean if you try to market a product for US citizens, why would you give money for other visitors from outside US? You can find many high quality sites where you can get clicks for 0.01$ as an advertiser or you can market your website for advertisers and earn nice money according to your traffic.

Highly recommended!

Total Money Madness of Alborz Fallah

I will directly write what this entrepreneur man has achieved. He succeeded becoming one of the richest bloggers in a very short time. His blog, is one of the top blogs in all of Australia in any category and competes with the big medias in this sector. It was professionally audited and valued at $5,000,000 ! Not many, but just a few years ago, he had also started his online money journey beginning with Adsense earning around $10 a day like many of us. Alborz Fallah is a previous student of Blog Mastermind program which is authored by another also famous and successful blogger, Yaro Starak. There is a really useful podcast interview of this teacher and his smart student. Listen this interview carefully before you decide whether you will join the program or not.

LinkShare Affiliate Network : Huge Profit Chance

LinkShare  Referral  Prg

According to me there are four great affiliate networks where you can make a serious cash. I think that your first choice should be Linkshare because it has many premium merchants where you can make nice selling commissions.

The second one is Market Leverage with lots of best converting CPA offers.

My third favorite is RocketProfit which works also mainly in CPA offers.

And finally Commission Junction. It is harder to make money here but if you have a niche blog you can get nice commissions from several known advertisers.

Double your PPC earnings with Chitika Ads

Get Chitika eMiniMalls There is a great network which you can use nearby to Google Adsense. Chitika eMiniMalls shows product ads according to your choice of keywords with a really attractive design which people like to click.

The site works well for blogs that review or discuss consumer electronics products, for example, but Chitika is branching into clothing, food and beauty products as well.

Please know that you will earn only for US and Europe traffic
generated clicks. Anyway, it is still working better than Google Adsense because ads are more expensive and CTR is high.

The best part is that you can use them together. I mean Eminimalls ads product of Chitika which is not contextual. Give a try. I am quite happy with the revenue in my several blogs.

Adbrite is better than Google Adsense

If you are stuck with Google Adsense and still dreaming the day when you will pass $100, you should better try Adbrite. The beauty of Adbrite is that all add prices are transparent. You can choose the ads according to your context seeing their prices. So, it is easy to fill all your website or blog with $1 per click ads. Adbrite advertisement inventory is also large. You can find many ads of CPC, CPM, text links and full page ads, inline ads which also converts nicely. I switched to Adbrite for all my blogs and quite happy until now with almost %22 increase on my earnings.

Chitika : One of the best income resource for bloggers

If you think that you are lost without Google Adsense, you are strongly mistaken. There are many other advertising platforms that you can take advantage. My recommendation is Chitika advertising network with more than 20.000 websites and over 2 billion monthly impressions resulting in 60 million uniques. It is proven that you can earn much more if you use the Chitika ads along Google Adsense. It is allowed by Google. Give a try to Chitika, then you will pray for my help. Read the details about Chitika here :)

Get Chitika eMiniMalls

Best Community Website For Canadian Money & Finance Topics

There are handful websites which give full-depth information to understand credit and debt industry in Canada. One of the best is Canadian Money Advisor website. The community website now has more than 1600 people who discuss in top quality forum since 2005.

Monty Loree, the founder of Canadian Money Advisor, has many years hand-on experience in developing financial and credit card related websites. The customers continue to use his developed products and services.

Now, he gives advice on Canadian financial industry companies and shares quality information with the site readers at Canadian Money Advisor website.

The website is very organized with clear navigation. Interviews with book authors, latest hot threads from the discussion forum and the latest blog posts welcome you at the entrance to the website. I see that there are best credit card offers which you can apply instantly including Capital One Canada. What I like especially is the amount of information. All credit cards are explained in detail and ready for the fast approval.

Do you want to learn more about secured cards and see the listings for it? Canadian secured credit cards listings page is a great source worth to check.

If you want to learn more about credit cards, you shouldn’t miss credit card blog. I see many useful blog posts about this very important topic. For example, on the topic “how can you reduce your taxes?”

I suggest you to join Canadian Money Advisor forums and put this blog to your favorites. It is an excellent resource for Canada related finance, money, credit cards, credit repair, bad good credit topics. You can share your opinions or get advices from other people too.

Keyword Country : Guaranteed Success with Google Adsense

Using Keyword Country for keyword research is just like searching on Google. Yes, you get the relevant keyword results right away with all the details that you need to be successful with AdSense! Just imagine Google suggesting keywords for your website! Well, this is what you will feel while searching keywords via Keyword Country.

This is not all! I strongly feel that Keyword Country seems to have discovered a way through which it can suggest keywords that attract traffic, get more clicks, and fetch you more EPC.

Keyword Country positions itself as a “Keyword Search Engine.” And quite obviously, I was more than curious to test whether or not the product stands up to what it commits. Here is what I found:

In fact, I have been keeping an eye on Keyword Country for quite some time now. I must say when Keyword Country started off, it was not so striking. But, their latest version seems to have done the trick!

Just type-in a keyword in KeywordCountry, and you have millions of relevant keywords within a few seconds, each with key details like:
  • Max CPC
  • Number of Advertisers
  • Number of Clicks per month
  • Estimated EPC
  • Number of competitors
  • KEI Analysis
  • R/S Ratio
  • Number of Searches (according to Overture)
  • Traffic on Google (estimated) …and much more!

Keyword Country is really user friendly. In fact, using it is as easy as walking down a smooth lane in the bright sunshine with both the eyes wide open. More importantly, what impressed me a lot is the way Keyword Country produces thousands of high paying keywords and niche keywords in the blink of an eye.

Keyword Country allows you to search for keywords in 3 different ways via Basic Search, Advanced Search, and Price Range Search. At the outset, I thought they are shuffling the same keywords in the three different searches. But no! The results are actually search specific, and enable you to choose the best keywords that suit your requirements. There is no cheating in their search results.

I was planning for an auto loan, so I tried the keyword – “loan,” I just typed the keyword in BASIC Search and I got 21,086 relevant keywords within a few seconds, each with key details like Max CPC, Number of Advertisers, Number of Clicks per month, Estimated EPC, Number of competitors, KEI Analysis, R/S Ratio, Number of Searches (according to Overture), and Traffic on Google.

I was really impressed by the relevancy of the keywords that I found. The results are so relevant that you can actually export the list and use it right away in your website without even filtering out any record. However, the results become a bit irrelevant as you dig deep into the list (just like in a search engine). But, I must say that the results seem to have been sorted by humans, and not by software. It is more like stealing the keyword research from a professional SEO.

Not just this, I had another option of choosing high paying keywords from 206 different sub-categories for the search term - Loan. I picked - Auto loan, and Keyword Country listed 1,257 keywords for the sub-category - Auto loan.
Price Range Searching is another remarkable feature Keyword country boasts. This search enables you to search for the keywords within a specific price range. One of the key advantages of this kind of a search is that it brings forth lots of low priced, hidden keywords that are really profitable. Besides, you can brainstorm new ideas for AdSense as well.

Above all things, it is the Advanced Searching option that makes Keyword Country a bit special. I think these guys have really thought hard! This time they have come up with a tool that allows you to do in-depth research for each keyword. Offering a variety of searching options just like Wild Cards of Google, Advanced Searching can sort results on the basis of Max CPC, Average CPC, Searches, Sponsors, or anything else you like.

After going through Keyword Country videos, Advanced Search starts making a lot of sense and you really get the hang of the powers of KC’s Advanced Search tool.

Sort the results by “Rating,” and KC will give you only profitable keywords. Sort the results by “Clicks per month,” and you will get the keywords that attract the most clicks for Google. Just integrate these keywords in your website, and you will increase the chances of getting more CTR. Furthermore, there are many more types of keywords that you can find out with Keyword Country. Besides, you can customize your search the way you want. Whether you type in a search query, or you search the keywords without typing in a search query – Keyword Country generates hordes of keywords spanning different industries. I won’t hesitate to say that I found such a tool after a long… long time! Well Done!

One of the most striking features of this software is “Blank Search.” Now, this is one feature that I have not seen anywhere else. Blank Search allows you to reach the most searched keywords on planet earth, most clicked keywords that exist, most high paying keywords, and most low competition high value keywords. Just leave the keyword field blank in Advanced Search, and Keyword Country will give you such amazing lists. This feature makes Keyword Country really outstanding. I can’t believe they are selling its access so cheap!

They claim to be a “Keyword Search Engine.” I believe they have already achieved what they claim. And they are still making it better and better day by day. I am sure they can make their product even more special.

The Good

  • Its not a Keyword list or keyword software, it’s a Keyword Search Engine.

  • Highly relevant keyword results that work. And all this, within a few seconds!

  • Displays everything you need to be successful with AdSense

    • Maximum CPC

    • Estimated EPC

    • Number of Sponsors

    • Number of Clicks per month

    • Profitability rankings

    • Number of competitors

    • Traffic on Overture

    • Traffic on Google (estimated)

    • KEI Analysis, R/S Ratio

  • Gives you access to:

    • Most searched keywords that exist on planet earth

    • Most clicked keywords

    • Most high paying keywords

    • Most low competition high value keywords

    • Anchor texts that work

  • Equips you with three unique searching tools - Basic Search, Price Range Search, and Advanced Search.

  • Provides you with lots of Niche Keywords from 600,000 industries.

  • Provides Keyword Map that comprises of hosts of categories such as Arts, Computers, Health, Games, News, and Society. Helps you brainstorm for new topic and research out new topics for your existing website.

  • Gives you amazing niche keywords.

  • Good for adsense as well as affiliate websites.
The Bad
  • Database conks out at times, but the frequency has reduced tremendously.

  • Keyword map can be quite confusing because of its depth.

  • Does not allow any keyword additions to database.

Facebook applications to earn real money !

Advertisements of Facebook applications can make you rich!

Well, I have coded several facebook applications this week and making considerably nice income also from there. It is not so hard as you might think making money on facebook. Look the sample applications which belong to me how it works.

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That's viral man! People like to spend time uselessly and we make money with totally bullsh. crap :)) If you know some Php and MySql you can even make thousands dollars a month if you have good ideas.

StumbleUpon Traffic Makes Money

Detectmoney Evil Money Empire website has a great article about how to convert stumbleupon traffic to money with Amazon affiliating easily. Worth to read make money online article.
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