The Complete List of My Make Money Online Sources : 300$ Monthly Income

I have decided to write a brief post about my 5 months progress. After a silent start I came to a point really promising for future. Already earning more than 300$ monthly by the help of several free blogger blogs (totally 11 now) and 3 top domain websites in the topics of gadgets, technology and design.

Here is the list

This became my #1 money source after I joined them. Registered all my blogs and sites there and I get at least 5 posts a week totaling in average of 60$ weekly, 240$ monthly. Everyday appear new advertisers and it is not so hard to grab them if you give a considarable fair price.

Actually there are other pay per post sites like Blogsvertise, Smorty , Loudlaunch, ReviewMe , PayPerPost but I am on the approval queue for most of them or didn't get any offers yet from them. I am sure the future will bring more money income after getting blog approvals.
I suggest you to apply for all.

2) Google Adsense
After filtering very low paying advertisers and making more unique content to my blogs I had an increase in earnings. On average daily I get 2$ totalling 60$ in a month. Actually it could be easily doubled if I had more effectively used social networks like reddit, digg and stumbleupon. Especially stumbleupon can bring a big wave of traffic according to my experience.

3) Chitika and Widgetbucks

One of my gadget blogs run Chitika and I am very happy with them. It brings almost 20$ in a month eventhough it is not optimezed at all. After optimizations that I will make this week I expect to earn like adsense.

Widgetbucks is also nice for untargetted traffic because these people will not be aware of it is an advertisement and will likely to click. Their gadget category brings 0.1$ for a click and totally I make around 10$ a month which is not bad at all. is a very promising advertisement company and I will especially open blogs just will run their ads. Currently I don't run much but experimentally it brings 5$ a month with very low traffic. High PPC earnings.

4) Thenewsroom, Shareapic , Linkgrand and others

They bring silently 5$ a month and I do not advertise them at all.

5) Textlinkads, Bidvertiser, Auctionads, Linkworth

They didn't work me nicely, but you can consider checking them.

6), affiliates

I have earned only 60$ in 5 months through selling commissions eventhough much advertised them. It doesn't seem to be very promising.

I will more wildly opening sites and blogs at the same time stabilizing the older ones. If you use forums wisely you will have always traffic and it means money.

Currently I develop applications for facebook for free traffic too

My aim is to earn at least 3000$ monthly using internet in next one year and if work better and wisely I will reach this aim and leave my day time job completely. :)

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