Make Money Online With Pictures & Photos

Sharing pictures online has been a well used feature since the early days of the internet. This can be done easily at blogs, dedicated social platforms, forums or even online photo albums. Making money selling pictures have also been around for ages but there is a new platform is emerging that allows us to make money just by sharing our pictures for public viewing.

This is made possible thanks to embedded advertisements and contextual ads. I will be sharing the 2 main players in this industry today which have their own specialty and features. The only thing they both have in common is that they do not allow adult or pictures which does not leave much to the imagination so to speak.


Concept: upload, share and earn
Earning Model: cpm and contextual ads - Adsense
Upload Options: browser and software
Usage: anywhere from blogs to myspace to forum
Embed Coding: html or BBCode
Main Strength: 2 earning channels and simple to use

Concept: upload externally, embed codes, share and earn
Earning Model: advertisement - Adbrite
Upload Options: browser
Usage: mainly for blogs
Embed Coding: html or javascript
Main Strength: add interactivity to individual pictures

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