Many Backlinks For A PageRank?

PageRank works by counting links to your main page as votes. The more of incoming links you have the higher your PageRank is but all incoming links are not worth the same. Google is not stupid and it evaluates links according to their relation to your blog. Simply put, high targeted pr > high untargeted pr > low targeted pr > low untargeted pr. What I want to say is, it’s better to have few links from websites with PR5 than hundreds of links from websites with PR1 that are not related to your domain. Besides all that, higher PageRank means better ranking in Google for certain keywords.

I have always wondered what does it take for a blog to get ranked and how do you know how many backlinks you need for another PageRank and then I found this table which explains it all.

Go to the Links for PR row, choose a PageRank you’d like to get and slide down to see how many backlinks you need from certain PR websites. So if you want a PR5 you will need to get 555 backlinks from PR3 websites or only 1 link from a PR7 website. This is only true if there are no more than 50 outgoing links on that webpage conditioning the website is related to your niche.

Long story short, if you have a soccer related blog and want to get a PR5 don’t buy links from websites about Barbie dolls or heavy metal music or any website that has more than 50 links on their homepage because this is considered a linkfarm and it can decrease your PageRank or even get you banned on Google. It’s absolutely worth to purchase some high quality PR backlinks than strugle for ages spamming websites and blogs.

Source : Marketfederation

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