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Here is an excellent article from linkrain.com

After writing about the amount of money I’ve spent to create the Linkrain Web Directory, let’s now talk about the earnings you can make with a only-6-months-old Web Directory. Before I’m going to tell you how much I earn only with the Directory, you should consider some very important keyfacts:

  • Even if you have a great website, you won’t earn much if you don’t work hard on it.
  • Linkrain has got a few sponsors, don’t expect that they will come to you and ask if they can become one of your sponsors. You have to promote your advertising space and at the same time find sponsors that have a website related to yours.
  • The less you work on your websites, the less money you will make
  • Before you are going to start a Web Directory, consider that the Directory Business is a really hard one (there are thousands of Web Directories out there) and making your Directory “better” than the others is not one of the easiest things to do.
  • Too many webmasters are interested in PageRank. To make money you will need a good homepage PageRank (at least 5) and also innerpage PageRank

After the first 3 months, I did not make any money with Linkrain because traffic was really low and I had no PageRank yet. After the PageRank update in May, Linkrain jumped from 0 up to 5. Also many categories got a PageRank with the first update, which was the reason my first customers decided to add a link.

Ok, thats enough introduction to the Directory Business for now. Let’s talk about the earnings

  • 600-700$/month from people that add a link to directory (17-18 regular listings and 2-3 featured listings each month)
  • 300$/month from my main page sponsors (other web directories and related sites displayed on the main page of Linkrain)

Total: 900-1000$ each month

These are only the earnings of the Web Directory (blog earnings are not included). To get to this point I spent nearly 2.000$ which I got back within 2 months. Of course I could now stop to invest time, work and money into Linkrain, and earn nearly 1.000$ each month by doing nothing. Earnings would go down each month but I would surely make 5.000-6.000$ within the end of the year. But this is not my objective. Having a blog and a website which is becoming more popular evey day is a lot of fun, the major reason why I started and I’m still running this website.

Regarding the future earnings, I have a very positive prospective:

  • The directory is not publishing any kind of advertisements yet. Only by displaying one Google Adsense Block in a good position, I could easily average 100$/month. I’m not going to do this anyway (or maybe not yet) because this could reduce the value of the directory and reduce the number of customers.
  • By getting PageRank 6 with the next update or with a future Google PR update, customers would increase a lot and also my sponsors would pay more to list their service on the main page.
  • The directory is still using a free template. Once the custom template is up, customers will surely increase.

In my opinion, it is easily possible to create a one-year-old Web Directory which is generating 2.000$ of revenue each month. I will write a new post in 6 months to let you know if I reached this goal :D

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