Reddit = Anti Geek :) iPhone is dead here. No Ads Allowed

While technology-related articles rule on Digg, politics and breaking news is popular on Netscape, people have had a hard time figuring out Reddit. Here is a look at what content Reddit users are clicking on:

Reddit users prefer pictures and images that present a mix of news, politics, science, and some totally bizarre content that can best be described as offbeat. If you are a fan of iPhone, it is not the place you should be, but urging to inform about a new mathematical formula invention, you are welcomed and appreciated by votes.

They seem to be more sophisticated in, searching for more unique content and escape clicking ads. In my opinion, if someone really gets interested in some advertisement and thinks that it will be useful, he/she should click on it. People do content to earn money. If they don't, they will stop producing alternative content and the media power will always be in the hands of giants and they would impose anything they wanted. New internet generation should bury these Paris Hilton search stuff to the tomb. Tv media is still so powerful that they impose Paris Hilton to minds, and these people come and search for it in internet.

I know that this article doesn't much suit to this blog, but anyway truth is truth and should be declared everywhere available.

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