LinkyLoveArmy : Get paid to blog and earn commissions

With LinkyLoveArmy (love or hate the name), the idea is to leverage on the collective power of paid bloggers to drive even more effective results through these advertising campaigns and in doing so bloggers can receive the long lasting PageRank benefit.

Bloggers reap the financial rewards of directly converting readers into leads when readers sign up for a free download, an ebook and when they sign up for a service offering or buy a product.

In addition, LinkyLoveArmy aims to help bloggers build PageRank by creating a wedge rotating bloggers through the wedge positions in a way that focuses all the blogs of the army on these wedge blogs in turn. This will increase the page rank of the deep links blogs point to and increase traffic on specific keywords that will convert. It will also raise the PR of the primary domain for the blog, which will help all other campaigns in the future in the LinkyLoveArmy. Blog groups will be rotated for different campaigns for fairness and effectiveness.

Revenue sharing details are far too complicated for me to go through in detail. You can read about the way earnings are shared by clicking on the link.

Source : Someuselessinfo

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