Agloco network marketing techniques

We will present two marketing techniques that can help to increase your Agloco network without directly promoting Agloco at first in your recruitment campaigns. Consider these two viral marketing strategies that will place your Agloco marketing efforts into a “set-and-forget” mode.

1. Join TrafficSwarm and InstantBuzz and promote them actively on your blog. Better still, promote these top quality traffic exchanges in squidoo, article directories, forums, various social sites and all other methods you can think of. This is because as more members join TrafficSwarm and Instantbuzz under you, your traffic credits will grow and eventually start to increase daily on its own when you have a large enough direct and indirect members under you. Once you have achieve that, you will have lots of constantly increasing supply of traffic credits for you to use it automatically for Agloco advertising. Agloco Marketing now becomes autopilot in traffic exchanges.

In short, join your favourite traffic exchanges and promote them actively in your blog, squidoo, articles, forums, social networks, etc >> visitors join traffic exchanges under you >> your traffic credits increase daily >> your traffic credits are automatically being used to advertise Agloco in traffic exchanges.

2. Join Marketing Pond and promote it actively until you have a good network size of about 100 direct Marketing Pond members. Marketing Pond allows you to build downlines for Agloco as well as various 100% free money programs. Once new members signs up under you and you started to have indirect Marketing Pond members from your direct members, your Marketing Pond Network will start to grow on its own on a daily basis. Marketing Pond promotes Agloco and various free money programs and many of your Marketing Pond downlines will join Agloco and all these programs under you and it’ll keep growing every day and more members join Marketing Pond. This is a powerful tool you don’t want to miss. We’ll be concentrating on building our Marketing Pond network from now on as it’s beginning to show good results in Agloco and our other free money programs as listed in

In short, join Marketing Pond and promote actively in your blog, squidoo, articles, forums, social networks, traffic exchanges etc >> visitors join Marketing Pond under you >> your Marketing Pond network starts to expand as more members joined under you and your downlines >> more people will join Agloco and Free Money Programs in your network through Marketing Pond.

To summarise, try investing some of your efforts in promoting your favourite traffic exchanges and Marketing Pond, instead of just concentrating all your efforts in getting new Agloco members directly from your blog. You will save time and efforts in your recuitment campaigns.

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