Reddit = Anti Geek :) iPhone is dead here. No Ads Allowed

While technology-related articles rule on Digg, politics and breaking news is popular on Netscape, people have had a hard time figuring out Reddit. Here is a look at what content Reddit users are clicking on:

Reddit users prefer pictures and images that present a mix of news, politics, science, and some totally bizarre content that can best be described as offbeat. If you are a fan of iPhone, it is not the place you should be, but urging to inform about a new mathematical formula invention, you are welcomed and appreciated by votes.

They seem to be more sophisticated in, searching for more unique content and escape clicking ads. In my opinion, if someone really gets interested in some advertisement and thinks that it will be useful, he/she should click on it. People do content to earn money. If they don't, they will stop producing alternative content and the media power will always be in the hands of giants and they would impose anything they wanted. New internet generation should bury these Paris Hilton search stuff to the tomb. Tv media is still so powerful that they impose Paris Hilton to minds, and these people come and search for it in internet.

I know that this article doesn't much suit to this blog, but anyway truth is truth and should be declared everywhere available.

LinkyLoveArmy : Get paid to blog and earn commissions

With LinkyLoveArmy (love or hate the name), the idea is to leverage on the collective power of paid bloggers to drive even more effective results through these advertising campaigns and in doing so bloggers can receive the long lasting PageRank benefit.

Bloggers reap the financial rewards of directly converting readers into leads when readers sign up for a free download, an ebook and when they sign up for a service offering or buy a product.

In addition, LinkyLoveArmy aims to help bloggers build PageRank by creating a wedge rotating bloggers through the wedge positions in a way that focuses all the blogs of the army on these wedge blogs in turn. This will increase the page rank of the deep links blogs point to and increase traffic on specific keywords that will convert. It will also raise the PR of the primary domain for the blog, which will help all other campaigns in the future in the LinkyLoveArmy. Blog groups will be rotated for different campaigns for fairness and effectiveness.

Revenue sharing details are far too complicated for me to go through in detail. You can read about the way earnings are shared by clicking on the link.

Source : Someuselessinfo

Web Directory Money Secrets

Here is an excellent article from

After writing about the amount of money I’ve spent to create the Linkrain Web Directory, let’s now talk about the earnings you can make with a only-6-months-old Web Directory. Before I’m going to tell you how much I earn only with the Directory, you should consider some very important keyfacts:

  • Even if you have a great website, you won’t earn much if you don’t work hard on it.
  • Linkrain has got a few sponsors, don’t expect that they will come to you and ask if they can become one of your sponsors. You have to promote your advertising space and at the same time find sponsors that have a website related to yours.
  • The less you work on your websites, the less money you will make
  • Before you are going to start a Web Directory, consider that the Directory Business is a really hard one (there are thousands of Web Directories out there) and making your Directory “better” than the others is not one of the easiest things to do.
  • Too many webmasters are interested in PageRank. To make money you will need a good homepage PageRank (at least 5) and also innerpage PageRank

After the first 3 months, I did not make any money with Linkrain because traffic was really low and I had no PageRank yet. After the PageRank update in May, Linkrain jumped from 0 up to 5. Also many categories got a PageRank with the first update, which was the reason my first customers decided to add a link.

Ok, thats enough introduction to the Directory Business for now. Let’s talk about the earnings

  • 600-700$/month from people that add a link to directory (17-18 regular listings and 2-3 featured listings each month)
  • 300$/month from my main page sponsors (other web directories and related sites displayed on the main page of Linkrain)

Total: 900-1000$ each month

These are only the earnings of the Web Directory (blog earnings are not included). To get to this point I spent nearly 2.000$ which I got back within 2 months. Of course I could now stop to invest time, work and money into Linkrain, and earn nearly 1.000$ each month by doing nothing. Earnings would go down each month but I would surely make 5.000-6.000$ within the end of the year. But this is not my objective. Having a blog and a website which is becoming more popular evey day is a lot of fun, the major reason why I started and I’m still running this website.

Regarding the future earnings, I have a very positive prospective:

  • The directory is not publishing any kind of advertisements yet. Only by displaying one Google Adsense Block in a good position, I could easily average 100$/month. I’m not going to do this anyway (or maybe not yet) because this could reduce the value of the directory and reduce the number of customers.
  • By getting PageRank 6 with the next update or with a future Google PR update, customers would increase a lot and also my sponsors would pay more to list their service on the main page.
  • The directory is still using a free template. Once the custom template is up, customers will surely increase.

In my opinion, it is easily possible to create a one-year-old Web Directory which is generating 2.000$ of revenue each month. I will write a new post in 6 months to let you know if I reached this goal :D

48 ways to save money

1. Change your attitude to your mortgage
The most expensive item you are ever likely to buy is your home. If you're not in the privileged position to pay cash, make sure the loan you use to finance it is the best available. For example, if you are paying your lender's full standard variable rate (SVR) you are probably paying hundreds of pounds a year more than you need to. There are thousands of deals to choose from and while it is vital to check the small print for hidden catches, this is a relatively easy way to save a lot of money. Remember: loyalty to your bank benefits your bank, not you. Even better, if you can afford to make overpayments on your mortgage, you'll clear your debt several years early and make massive savings. For example, if you borrow £100,000 at 6% over 25 years, you'll pay it back at £643 a month. The total charge for credit will be £93,000. But if you can overpay by £100 a month you'll clear the loan in less than 19 years, giving you 6 years of mortgage-free living and saving a staggering £25,000 in interest.
Saving: £1,000s
Links: This is Money mortgage finder ; mortgage calculators ; mortgage guides

2. Clear your credit card debt
One of the golden rules of financial planning is to clear your most expensive debts first, in other words your credit cards. OK, credit cards offer a convenient way to pay for goods and services but if you can't clear the balance every month, consider a low-cost loan as an alternative. Do the sums: a credit card debt ( APR 15%) of £2,200 over three years will cost £545 in interest. A loan at 6% will cost £209. A saving of £336.
Saving: £100s

3. Cut the cost of your fuel bills
As the global demand for power threatens to outstrip supply, prices are rising. But that doesn't mean you need to be ripped off. The domestic market for fuel is a competitive one and you can change supplier with a few clicks of the mouse. Your new supplier will take care of the formalities - you just pay less every month.
Saving: £100

4. Consider installing a water meter
We take our tap water for granted. And why not? The companies behind the supply exist to make a profit, we pay them to supply water and have every right to expect it to flow from our taps. But if it doesn't rain, supply runs dry and the price goes up. So you may want to consider the possibility of installing a meter. If you have a big home with few occupants you may be surprised to learn you could halve your annual bill.
Saving: £100s

5. Cut your home phone bills
BT may seem to behave like a monopoly but it most definitely is not one. If you must use your phone there are scores of cheaper alternatives from cable companies that package your telephone, television and even broadband internet access to low-cost dial-up services that give you access to cheaper calls using your existing BT line.
Saving: £100

6. Consider a pay-as-you go mobile
Ask yourself this: is your mobile phone absolutely necessary? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself whether you really need all those minutes and texts that come as part of your package. If you hand over £50 a month to your mobile phone company, that's £600 a year - or around £1,000 of your gross salary. But you can buy a pay-as-you-go phone for as little as £30 and only pay for the odd call as and when you need to.
Saving: £100s

7. Make a shopping list
Food shopping forms a significant part of our monthly outgoings and the supermarket is where the bulk of the money is spent. Tesco takes £1 in every £8 spent by UK shoppers. But be warned, stores spend a small fortune studying ways of making us part with more of our money than we would otherwise intend to. Have you ever wondered why your favourite song is playing in the background as you navigate the aisles? Have you even noticed the background music? Possibly not, but you will have noticed at the checkout that the bill is often more than expected. To circumvent this, simply make a shopping list. Dig out the cookery books, plan a few meals and only buy what you need.
Saving: £10 a week = £520 a year

8. When was the last time you went to the market?
One way to beat the supermarkets - that is, to eat healthily for less - is to use your local market stall. Lower overheads should mean lower prices. At the time of writing, cherries were on sale in Asda for £2.99 for 400g, the equivalent at the local market was going for just over £1.
Saving: £100+

9. Consider own-brand goods
You can buy a tin of Asda own-brand baked beans for 14p and a loaf bread at Asda, Tesco or Sainsbury's for 19p. Enough said.
Saving: £100

10. Don't buy designer labels
Celebrities are given expensive clothes to wear. You're not. At the end of the day, and let's face it you may only wear the outfit once, can you justify paying hundreds of pounds over the odds because a top designer has had his or her name sewn on the label? And can you honestly say you can tell the difference at a distance between a £600 designer bag and a £9.99 one from the market? Think about it.
Saving: £100s

11. Sell your clutter on eBay
Take this quick test: You're at home. Open a cupboard. Look inside. If it's full of clothes you haven't worn, or 'good ideas a the time' you haven't used, for, let's say, three years - you don't need them. So why not sell them to someone else who does? Ebay, the online auction house, has opened individual sellers to a world of buyers. And you can flog anything for the cost of a small commission. Tip: you may want to buy a few items first to build up your rating as a respectable eBayer before you start selling.
Income: Will depend on what's in your cupboard

12. Use your talent to earn extra cash
Let's face it, if you're not a pop star by the time you reach your 20s you're never going to be. But you may be able to use your talent as a guitarist to teach other wannabes the rudiments of the 12-bar blues.
Income: It's not unreasonable to charge £20 an hour

13. Do DIY
We're a nation of obsessive DIYers and for around £100 you can take a course at your local adult education college to improve the skills needed to tackle most household repairs. If the college runs plumbing courses you could soon be on track to wiping out costly call-out charges and extra insurance policies once and for all.
Saving: £100+

14. Shop around for the cheapest household insurance
Unless you drive - car insurance is mandatory - you don't need insurance. But it's strongly advisable. Can you afford to foot the bill if your house burns down? Probably not. Similarly, can you afford to pay over the odds for the same policy available elsewhere because you can't be bothered to shop around? Possibly, but it's not advisable. The internet has made finding cheaper insurance easy and you can compare hundreds of policies in minutes.
Saving: £100s

15. Don't automatically renew annual travel insurance
If your annual holiday insurance policy is about to expire and you don't have a holiday booked, DON'T renew the policy. You're handing your money over to cover an eventuality that won't happen. You wouldn't have car insurance if you didn't own a car. Simply restart the cover again the next time you book a trip.
Saving: £50

16. Choose cheaper breakdown insurance
The breakdown sector is dominated by big names such as the AA and RAC. But being towed home if your car breaks down is just another form of insurance like any other and there are scores of cheaper alternatives.
Saving: Up to £100 a year

17. Are you paying too much for your life insurance?
We're living longer. As a result the cost of insuring the unthinkable is getting cheaper all the time. If you were sold a policy when you took out or mortgage you may have been under too much stress to shop around. You could be missing a trick.
Saving: £100

18. Book early
Low-cost airlines have created a market in holidays for people prepared to fly to any destination provided it's cheap. You can benefit from this too. Just remember, only a few seats on each flight are sold at bargain-basement prices and once they're sold, the prices rise. So book early.
Saving: £100

19. Book your own 'package' holiday online
The popularity of High Street travel agents is waning as more and more people warm to the benefits of researching and putting together their own holidays on the internet. If your holiday consists of flights, accommodation, transfers and possibly car hire, then take this test. Order a brochure from a leading holiday company and work out the price of your holiday including all the complicated supplements. Now go online and, starting with the flights, try to put the same package together.
Saving: £100+

20. Learn to say 'no'
It's easy to capitulate to the demands of a screaming child in a packed Woolworths on a Saturday afternoon. But don't do it. Similarly, how often does a 'swift half' after work turn into a £40 drinking session? Saying 'no' a few times a year will do wonders for your bank account.
Saving: £100

23. Don't pay full price for theatre or theme park tickets
If you are prepared to tolerate the unwieldy website and hit-and-miss customer service, regularly boasts some amazing deals for London's theatres and the nation's theme parks. At the time of writing you can see top West End show The Producers plus a two-course meal for less than £20 a head, a saving of £60 per person, and tickets for Chessington World of Adventures cost from £12, a saving of nearly £50 for a day out for a family of four.
Saving: £100s

24. Beat the ticket touts
Ticket touts earn their living by getting hold of tickets that are 'otherwise unavailable'. Well, here's the news: they are available to everyone when they first go on sale. You just need to know when they go on sale. Simply sign up to for the free ticket alert newsletters from the main agents to ensure that you're first in the queue.
Saving: £100s

25. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses
Trying to keep up appearances is little more than a costly illness. Remember, you cannot judge someone by what they have because you don't know how they got it. Chances are they're in more debt than you are.
Saving: £1,000s

26. Trade down your car
So, you bought an American sports utility vehicle (SUV) that nets 15 miles to the gallon on a whim. Obviously we're all very impressed - especially by the personalised number plate. But can you honestly justify the ongoing expense? If not, get rid of it. Then visit a car supermarket, where you can choose from thousands of cars at knock-down prices. If you're a true money saver, consider an ex-rental model which you can pick up for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
Saving: £1,000s

27. Ask yourself: do I really need this?
Imagine the scenario. It's lunchtime and you've got an hour to kill. You find yourself in a department store and there's a sale on. You pick up a beautifully packaged selection of barbecue tools and associated garden paraphernalia. And it's half price. Now, stop! Ask yourself: Do I really need this? Exactly. Now, put it down and walk away.
Saving: £100

28. Walk/cycle to the station/work
It maybe a bit of hippie notion to many people but it's free.
Saving: £100

29. Get off the station before your usual stop and walk
We may be creatures of habit but isn't it worth tinkering with the routine if it's costing more than £50 a month in unnecessary fares?
Saving: £100

30. Cut down your drinking
A few beers after work a few nights a week is a financially debilitating state of affairs. Set limits and stick to them.
Saving: £100s

31. Pack up smoking
Never mind the health implications, the guilt and the smell, your 20-a-day habit is costing you nearly £2,000 a year. Pack it in.
Saving: Nearly £2,000

32. Cancel your gym membership
If you pay your £40 a month by direct debit and you use the gym three times a week, great. If not, cancel your membership immediately. You'll soon save enough to buy your own bike and, if you're so inclined, a rowing machine. Consider running home from work three times a week. It's free.
Saving: £100s

33. Use your library
The local library is a mecca for the money saver. You'll never need to buy another cookbook, guidebook or lifestyle manual again and if you can bear to wait a few weeks in the queue for the latest blockbuster, you never need to buy books again. CDs and videos are great value too.
Saving: £100

34. The three-for-two trick
Now, there's a lot to be said for buy-one-get-one-free deals, especially if they pass the 'Do I really need this?' test. Then there's three-for-twos; a particularly cynical way of stores to entice shoppers to buy an extra item they would not otherwise buy. The 'offer' is always priced into the deal so do your sums and shop around.
Saving: It's a principle at stake here

35. Buy clothes and presents in the sales
So you need a new suit and the one you like comes in at a cool £300. Wait! The chances are that you can pick it up in the sale - and there's always a sale just around the corner - for £150. The same applies for birthday and Christmas presents. Buy in bulk in the sales and you not only save money, but you enjoy stress-free pre-Christmases and no last-minute birthday worries.
Saving: £100s

37. The Christmas lottery
Instead of trying to buy a present for every relative in your family, consider getting together beforehand and picking one name from the hat. You then buy one thoughtful gift for that one person rather than attempting to please everyone at considerable cost. Everyone gets a present, everyone saves money.
Saving: £100

38. The National Lottery - it won't be you!
The odds of winning the Lotto jackpot are stacked 14m to 1 against each ticket. Some highly organised syndicates buy 14,000 tickets a week, which reduces the odds to 1,000 to 1 - but that's no guarantee of a win. For the rest of us, the difference to the odds between buying, say, 10 tickets and one is so insignificant that you should limit yourself to the one and save the extra money in a Cash mini Isa .
Saving: £100

39. Use your Isa allowances
If you're not already aware, you can save up to £3,000 a year in a tax-free savings account called an Isa (for the more financially savvy there's also a stocks and shares Isa). It means you don't pay any tax on the interest accrued so, if you have spare cash in your current account, this is the difference between earning next to no interest and up to £150 a year.
Saving: £100+

40. Claim your benefits and tax credits
There was once a certain stigma in Britain attached to claiming benefits. Well, not any more. The Government has put benefits at the heart of the family budget and it's your money so make sure you're claiming it. That includes Child Benefit, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and other employee-related tax benefits.
Saving: £100s

41. How saving £50 a month now can save you £120 next year
Do you pay your insurance premiums by monthly instalments? If you do, then consider this: you are probably being charged a premium of between 15% and 20% for the privilege. In other words, if your home and car insurance bill for the year is £600, you're paying up to £120 a year in interest by paying monthly. If you are in a position this year to save up for next year's premiums in advance, you can save money by paying the whole lot in one go.
Saving: £100+

42. Do you need all those TV channels?
Britain is switching to digital-only television and time is running out for you to choose your new digital TV provider. The choice is already bewildering and with telephone-based services now being launched it's going to get more complicated. Packages range from full the monty, including every sports and movie channel costing around £50 a month, down to Freeview, which is free. Choose wisely.
Saving: £100+

43. Bin the ready meals
If TV chefs such as Ainsley Harriott can knock up a meal from a bag of random groceries including an aubergine and a packet of sultanas - so can you. Ready meals may be convenient, but preparing your own food saves money. A visit to your library will reveal scores of books dedicated to cooking proper meals in minutes.
Saving: £100+

44. Take up a money-saving hobby
Hobbies not only open your mind to new experiences but they also take up your time - important if you would otherwise spend it in the pub drinking away your hard-earned money. If a painting takes 20 hours to complete, and you normally get through a pint an hour. That's a saving of a least 40 quid a picture. Think about it. Get painting. Go fishing.
Saving: £100+

45. Avoid the payment protection racket
Banks and other lenders are selling expensive insurance policies to cover loan repayments to people who don't need it. Don't be a victim of the hard-sell.
Saving: £100

46. Avoid extended warranties
Electrical goods are more reliable than ever. If your new radio won't last three years perhaps it's not worth buying in the first place. Think about it: how many times has your fridge broken down in the last five years? And do you really need the hassle of claiming for repairs to a £15 toaster?
Saving: £100

47. Shop online
The internet is gradually taking over. Online grocery shopping is getting better all the time and there are plenty of comparison websites to help find the best prices for bigger items. Give it a try, unless of course you like fighting your way through supermarket crowds.
Saving: Your sanity

48. The Citizen's Advice Bureau is your friend
If your debts are out of control please seek help immediately from your local CAB - their advisers can help you work out a sensible strategy to get you back on your feet.
Saving: It could save your life

Damaging a Competitor's Ranking is Possible

A June 28th article by Forbes magazine called "The Saboteurs of Search" discusses "negative SEO" which is best described as purposely disrupting competitor rankings. The article has caused waves in the SEO industry as marketers debate the effectiveness of the noted tactics.

From my point of view and experience these tactics are employed and I know there is a serious market for negative SEO because I have personally been asked to offer the service many times in the past. StepForth, however, does not offer negative SEO services with the exception of Google Insulation noted below; which we have previously use to help clients defend themselves against negative publicity appearing in rankings.

What are the Tactics of Negative SEO?
There were several tactics mentioned: Google Bowling, Tattling, Google Insulation, Copyright Takedown Notices, Copied Content, Denial of Service, and Click Fraud.

  • Google Bowling: XYZ is dropped off the search engines because their competitor framed them for breaking Google's guidelines in an extreme manner. An example would be to create, overnight, a 1000% more links for a competitor (than they already have). The key would be to produce so many links at once that Google's spam trigger would have no choice but to catch it. There are various ways to increase the chances of this happening but I would rather not describe them - after all this is not a tutorial.

  • Tattling: Is XYZ (the competitor) doing well because they purchased links? If so, and it is something you can prove, then it is entirely within your right to tell Google using their spam report form.

    But will this work? It is touch and go whether your complaint will actually do anything in the short term because Google often collects these complaints and then upgrades its algorithm (if possible) to clean out other offenders using the same techniques; a more efficient process. That said, as Matt Cutts said in this video about link buying Google is not above occasionally using manual methods to clean out spam so you might get lucky and see an immediate result.

  • Google Insulation: Is there negative press in the top 10 about your service? Perhaps you have a competitor that just won't budge out of a top position? In either case a Google Insulation strategy is designed to raise the rankings of other websites that positively discuss your company/services/products in order to oust competitors out of the top 10 rankings. In its raw concept I believe this tactic is ethical because it is smart competitive marketing and a great tactic for reputation management (a hot topic these days).

  • Copyright Takedown Notices: If a person desperately needed to drop a competitor out of a top position it could engage in a legal action that requires Google to drop the ranking for a period of time based on copyright infringement. The problem here, of course, is that this tactic exposes the perpetrator so that they can be sued by the offended company if the accusation is baseless.

  • Copied Content: Due to the fallible nature of Google's algorithm it is possible to 'steal' away the traffic to a competitor's particular content (say an article just published) by publishing it on your own site IF your site is more entrenched than the competitor's.

    You see if Google is presented with two websites which have the same content it will be forced to choose which site is the original creator. The website with the longer history and/or the highest reputation will often win out and the loser will often find their content ranks lower (if at all).

  • Denial of Service: This is the most evil and clearly illegal tactic for removing a competitor. Denial of service attacks (DoS) are conducted by sending a large number requests to a competitor's web server at one time. The result is the competitor's server will either be too jammed with requests to function properly or it will simply crash from the burden of so many requests - effectively taking the competitor's website offline. Evil indeed.

  • Click Fraud: Click fraud is no different than stealing money from a competitor. This is how it works: people maliciously click on ads to purposely eat away at a competitor's ad budget; even on a small scale this can be damaging to a competitor. The most aggressive click fraud is when a network of computers with specially created software is used to maliciously click on a competitor's pay per click advertisements in order to waste their money and destroy their advertising campaign.
Should You Be Worried this is Happening to You?
It is highly unlikely that the negative SEO techniques above have been or ever will be used against you. If, however, it does appear to be happening to you then contact us or another reputable web marketing company. At StepForth we will see what we can do about reversing the effects by contacting the proper people or conducting a negating clean-up campaign.

Additional Notes on Click Fraud
The one issue that you could very likely suffer from is click fraud but not in the way you might imagine. You see click fraud appears to happen indiscriminately so just about anyone can have it happen to them; in my experience it is not often a targeted action. As a result, you should be keeping an eye out for it you are actively using pay per click marketing.

So how can you detect click fraud? The best way for me to answer this is to tell you what we use to monitor campaigns and detect click fraud: ClickTracks Professional. ClickTracks Professional is a website analytics program that (among other amazing things) compares the data it collects from visitors on your website with the data you get from your pay per click campaign and does a pretty good job of identifying suspicious click-through behavior.

If ClickTracks Professional determines there is a high probability of click fraud in your campaign you will be presented with a detailed report you can take to your agent at the search engine you are marketing with. If your search engine agent determines there is validity to the evidence it is likely you will get a refund or credit to your account.

Now for a little plug, I liked ClickTracks Professional so much that in 2003 StepForth purchased our own copy and we offer website accounts for as little as $150 per month which is 50% cheaper than the service that provides. If you are interested just check out where we provide more detail and a service comparison chart.

Source : StepForth

Niche Marketing to Make Money Online Quick

Because more and more people are turning to the web to find the information and products they need, opportunities for niche marketing have never been better.

The key to successful niche marketing, niche blogging and affiliate revenue is to find a niche and fill it. Products can be hand-picked to perfectly fit the content of your site, blog or niche. There is an unlimited number of niches you can profit from. How much you make is entirely up to you, all it takes is time and research.

What niche market is for you? Believe it or not, ideas are everywhere.

You never know when a niche opportunity might present itself. Try carrying a small notebook with you and every time you think of something that would make a good niche, write it down. Once you have your list, start researching them on Google or the search engine of your choice.

You can discover lots of niche finding tips, tools and ideas at these sites:

Andy Beard – Niche Marketing
Niche Marketing Explained
Niche Market Know-How

Or you can do a search for "
niche marketing" and find the ones that are the most helpful. Bookmark them to refer back to whenever you need new tips, ideas or tools.

Marketing to a niche means you have to be knowledgeable in that niche. If you don't have the knowledge yet, then choose a niche product that you would love to promote, and then spend the necessary time to research it and learn as much as you can, and you will eventually become an expert in your niche field. Marketing to a niche you're interested in will also make you a more effective marketer and will in turn increase sales.

Niche marketing is no different than any other online marketing, posting relevant content is the number one way to get the right type of traffic to your niche site. Writing keyword rich articles or reports and posting them to high traffic web sites is another way to make sure that you get exposure within your niche market. In no time, you will see the results of more sales and traffic.

If you spend the time to do your research and marketing…
then Niche Marketing can become a very profitable work at home business.

Make Money Online Quick : Blogging Way

Eric Nakagawa, a software developer in Hawaii, posted a single photo of a fat, smiling cat he found on the Internet, with the caption, "I can has cheezburger?" in January, 2007, at a Web site he created. It was supposed to be a joke. Soon after he posted a few more images in the same vein: cute cats with funny captions written in a silly, invented hybrid of Internet shorthand and baby-talk. Then he turned the site into a blog, so that visitors could comment on the postings. What happened after that would have been hard for anyone to predict.

"We just thought, O.K., they're funny,"Nakagawa says. "Suddenly we started getting hits. I was like, where are these coming from?"

An Accidental Entrepreneur

He saw traffic on the blog, I Can Has Cheezburger, which he runs with his partner, "Tofuburger" (she refuses to disclose her real name) double each month: 375,000 hits in March, 750,000 in April, 1.5 million in May. Cheezburger now gets 500,000 page views a day from between 100,000 and 200,000 unique visitors, according to Nakagawa. The cheapest ad costs $500 for a week. The most expensive goes for nearly $4,000. Nakagawa, an accidental entrepreneur who saw his successful business materialize out of the ether, quit his programming job at the end of May: "It made more sense to do this and see how big it could get."

Cheezburger's story is unusual in the upper reaches of the blogosphere in that the time between launching and reaching a critical mass of readers who sustain the site is so compressed. But many of the most popular bloggers have similar tales of starting out with a niche idea—an inside joke, a particular obsession—and watching it explode. Of course, most blogs linger in obscurity and are read by only a handful of people, and few ever reach the level Cheezburger has. What about a blog like Cheezburger lets it break away from the pack?

The initial appeal of the blog may have been a fluke, but its growth since then has been part of a tightly controlled experiment to help answer that question. Nakagawa and his partner constantly tweak the site to see what draws readers and what leaves them cold.

"We basically have a playground where people keep coming to play, so we're trying to create new games all the time,"Nakagawa says.

Building a Community

To drive traffic, they try to time their new posts with when people are most likely to be reading: in the mornings, on their lunch breaks, or in the evenings. Early on, when Nakagawa saw the site getting 1,000 page views a day, he added a widget that allows visitors to rate each post on a scale of one to five cheeseburgers. That helped boost traffic to 2,000.

Readers don't just rate or comment on the posts. They create them. Cheezburger depends on its fans to submit pictures, write funny captions, and send them in. Nakagawa has built a tool to let readers select a ready-made photo or upload their own, add and position captions, choose font styles, and submit a finished product. Any visitor can vote on the submissions, and the most popular ones make it to the main page. The function saves Nakagawa from having to find funny captions for photos, and it creates a lasting bond with readers.

That kind of interaction helps make I Can Has Cheezburger as much a community as a blog. A post by one user will inspire another to play off the theme, forming a narrative. "It's like you're creating a story supplied by people in the community, and then the people in the community supply the next part of the story,"Nakagawa says.

From Inside Joke to Job

The idea of building a community around content supplied by users sustains several top blogs, and most put the idea of community ahead of making money. For Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, who lampoon celebrity fashion on their blog, Go Fug Yourself, the fact that ad sales on their blog now pay their salaries has not changed what they set out to do from Day One: have fun. "It was one of these inside jokes that we thought was going to just stay an inside joke,"says Cocks.

Part of it has to do with the nature of the medium: Blogging creates a direct connection between authors and readers, a conversation with distinct voices carried out in comments and e-mails and other blogs. Nakagawa wants to see how big that conversation—not to mention his business—can get. "It's kind of like, how far can you take it?" he says.

How Much Money Can a Blogger Make?

One of the best things about making money online is there are no boundary's, the only limits are within yourself and thats something that you can work on.

Having said that , how much money do you think an average joe can make online? Well I personally believe that the answer is thousands of dollars a month, after riding out the first year or two of experimentation.

The trend will continue
All things remaining equal as long as you continue to create content the visitors that you receive and income earned from advertising should constantly grow. This is based on the theory that you receive a flow of traffic now, by adding content surely the traffic will continue to increase.

We learn about the things that work
Only by experimentation will you learn about what works for you and what doesn't. As long as you continue to improve and hone your money making methods this to should continue to increase over time.

Historical Proof
Most of the guys that are making big money now online have been around for a few years, most of the sites that are not either are not interested or simply are to new. There are not many blogs out there where their money making missions are continuing to be fruitless after several years of sustained effort. So from this we can conclude that half the battle is simply continuing to do what you do for long enough - you should get there eventually.

Small Improvements Turn into Large Gains
If every month you try to do something a little better than the month before (or every day) - overtime that is going to accumulate into one pile of improvements, by trying to do to much at once little gain can mean despondency and gloom which will lead to the Bloggers downfall.

So the answer is a Blogger can make as much money as they want - the sky is the limit. How much money do you think you can make?

Agloco network marketing techniques

We will present two marketing techniques that can help to increase your Agloco network without directly promoting Agloco at first in your recruitment campaigns. Consider these two viral marketing strategies that will place your Agloco marketing efforts into a “set-and-forget” mode.

1. Join TrafficSwarm and InstantBuzz and promote them actively on your blog. Better still, promote these top quality traffic exchanges in squidoo, article directories, forums, various social sites and all other methods you can think of. This is because as more members join TrafficSwarm and Instantbuzz under you, your traffic credits will grow and eventually start to increase daily on its own when you have a large enough direct and indirect members under you. Once you have achieve that, you will have lots of constantly increasing supply of traffic credits for you to use it automatically for Agloco advertising. Agloco Marketing now becomes autopilot in traffic exchanges.

In short, join your favourite traffic exchanges and promote them actively in your blog, squidoo, articles, forums, social networks, etc >> visitors join traffic exchanges under you >> your traffic credits increase daily >> your traffic credits are automatically being used to advertise Agloco in traffic exchanges.

2. Join Marketing Pond and promote it actively until you have a good network size of about 100 direct Marketing Pond members. Marketing Pond allows you to build downlines for Agloco as well as various 100% free money programs. Once new members signs up under you and you started to have indirect Marketing Pond members from your direct members, your Marketing Pond Network will start to grow on its own on a daily basis. Marketing Pond promotes Agloco and various free money programs and many of your Marketing Pond downlines will join Agloco and all these programs under you and it’ll keep growing every day and more members join Marketing Pond. This is a powerful tool you don’t want to miss. We’ll be concentrating on building our Marketing Pond network from now on as it’s beginning to show good results in Agloco and our other free money programs as listed in

In short, join Marketing Pond and promote actively in your blog, squidoo, articles, forums, social networks, traffic exchanges etc >> visitors join Marketing Pond under you >> your Marketing Pond network starts to expand as more members joined under you and your downlines >> more people will join Agloco and Free Money Programs in your network through Marketing Pond.

To summarise, try investing some of your efforts in promoting your favourite traffic exchanges and Marketing Pond, instead of just concentrating all your efforts in getting new Agloco members directly from your blog. You will save time and efforts in your recuitment campaigns.

Earn Money With Top Search Engine Rankings

Its no secret that Google gets most of the traffic on the internet,followed behind by Yahoo and MSN back in third place.So if we're going to beat the next guy at getting some free search engine traffic what is required and where should you start?

Well first of all you have to understand that you may not be likely to rank at the top of most keywords quickly,infact it can take many weeks of hard work to rank for high traffic keywords so the key here is to start with keywords you can target that don't have a lot of competition.This makes your task 80% easier before you even submit a page to the internet.

Next lets look at the individual engines,google takes the longest to rank for out of the top engines so I like to look very closely at MSN search because my experience tells me that even though they dont get anywhere the same amount of traffic I can rank higher and faster here.So my first port of call is to do keyword research specifically with MSN in mind.I use a few things here but by far the quickest way to do this is to use the free keyword reseach tool at .Here you can check keyword patterns and traffic patterns for your chosen keywords to see how many searches are undertaken in the major engines,and also to find spin off keywords you probably would'nt have considered previously.You can also check both Overture and Wordtrackers outcome against each other here to get a feel for how the traffic flows are going to be for a top rank with your chosen keyword.

A rule of thumb I use for MSN is that the traffic for any keyword I search in digital points tool is divided by approx 3 to 4 to give me an idea of the traffic in MSN.So if my selected keyword had one thousand searches per day according to both Wordtracker and Overture then I can easily say a number 1 rank in MSN should provide about 300 searches.This doesnt mesn you will get 300 hits ,in fact you may only get about half the searchers hit your site through MSN or any search engines for that matter even if you rank # 1.

So now I can confidently say a number one rank for that keyword will give me approx 150 hits or visitors per day.So now we have chosen a keyword that looks good whats next?

Check out the competitors on MSN.Theres no point selecting words that you really will never rank for .Your competition pays big money to be at the top so unless you have the same budget stay away from that game.Those so called masters of the internet will squash you .My reccommendation is to rank for keywords that have less traffic and thats easier to get to #1,especially in MSN.

So what am I looking for when it comes to my competitors ? well we all know that relevant ,theme related inbound, one way backlinks from authority sites are the easiest way to rank # 1 or at least top 10.

In fact it doesnt take too many high quality inbound backlinks to rank for thousands upon thousands of keywords.So here is where the action begins,After you have uploaded your site and optimised the page with all the relevant html tags etc then gathering links to your page is the single most important task you can undertake to rank.I am not an authority on link gathering but here are a few ideas.

Write high quality articles about your chosen topic or pay someone to write articles ,then submit them to the free article directories,here your article will be uptaken up by other webmasters and put on their site with your backlink on them,This can provide you many many 1 way backlinks very quickly for your page.

Approach other webmasters in your chosen field and ask for link exchange(I personally dont do this as its tedious and outdated and honestly is very time consuming)

Use social bookmark sites like to get your work or content out there and also to get you backlinks from your tags.The search engines love social bookmark sites,I use about 20-25 of them and they always provide good quality 1 way links,and often with very high google PR.

Write a weblog or blog about your site and link to it then feed that blog using rss or other syndication methods.this can also provide 1 way links and fantastic results in the search engines.

Buy backlinks. Yes buy them , a few high quality , related links with good Google Page Rank will help massively.

These few ideas I use every day and many more to get traffic and beat the next guy in the engines, especially MSN.

So there you have it a few small ideas to get you moving so go forth and make more money.

So the only thing left to do after you have achieved a top rank for a number of keyword terms is to make money from them and here are my top few ideas for making money that I use all the time.

1) Google adsense, Sign up free and place the ad code on your webpage and you will earn a share of each and every click visitors make from those ads.

There are dozens of other places you can earn on a "pay per click " basis but Google stands out head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion.

2) Affiliate marketing, If your site or webpage is about weight loss, then sign up free as an affiliate to any one of hundreds of sites that sell these type of products .Then place a link on your page which has your personal code embedded into it and if a person clicks on your link and decides to buy then you will get a share of that sale.Sometimes as high 60-70% of that sale.

So there you have it,now go out there and make some money online, because if you dont I will do it for you.
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