Protect Your Adsense Income Now

By Paul Winter

Google is going after Content Spam. How can you protect your hard-earned Adsense income?

If you have been making money from Adsense for any length of time you will know the drill;

1)Create as many webpages as you can and get them online
2)Make sure that your pages are keyword rich
3)Work on getting all of the major search engines to index your pages.
4) Some of your visitors click on your Adsense ads.
5)You make a lot of money!

That’s the good news…but things are about to change! Up until now your hard work has benefitted both you and Google. You create hundreds, perhaps thousands of pages, and Google and you make a handsome profit on all of your vistitors that click on their ads. Up until now, Google has been very happy with this situation, but all of this is about to change.

Although you and Google like the current situation, Google’s customers hate it! The searchers have started to complain about all of the duplicate copy that they have to wade through in order to find the information that they are looking for. Google are in a dilemma. They built their business on great search results. And who decides if the results are great? The customer. If the searchers don”t like the results, they will go to Yahoo, MSN, Technorati, or anyone of hundreds of other search engines.

This is unacceptable to Google. After all, only a few years ago, the search engine scene was dominated by names like Alta Vista, Excite, Ask Jeeves, Looksmart and a host of other forgotten names. If there is one thing Google knows, it is that they could be one of those names in a couple years if they aren”t careful.

Google is now looking out for duplicate content and ‘’sandboxing”offending websites. Many are finding that pages which were once producing good positions on Google searches, are now no longer appearing anywhere near the top.

How do you get around this? How can you stop your hard earned income going down the pan? One way is for you to get rid of any articles on your sites that are not original. Perhaps you have used PLR articles and have the same content that many other websites have. You could then start to write totally original articles and put them online. This of course is time consuming, and if you have thousands of pages this could take months. Or you could use software that alters your articles and makes then original.

What ever you decide these changes will affect you and your income if you do nothing about them. One thing is for certain…Google is winning the battle!

About The Author

Paul Winter has been marketing online for six years. He is the editor of www.ArticlesRus.Net and http://www.ArticleBazaar.Net.

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