Lose Time With Make Money Online Blogs !

“Make money online blogs” are becoming a new internet phenomenon. It really seems that every morning a few hundred people wake up and decide to create a blog about “how to make money online”. Most of these blogs die after only a few months while others become very popular and their readership increases rapidly. At least 99% of these “make money online blogs” have useless and duplicate content and I consider them just “low quality blogs” .

There are some really popular blogs about how to make money online and they are well established since a few years. Some of them have maybe 10-20 interesting articles while the rest of their content is not informative and boring. But what about this “new money blogs”? They are all the same. They never write about something new. Each “make money online” blog is doing nothing else than copying the popular “make money online” blogs.

Make money online blogs are crap but…many of them have success!


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