Embed relevant videos and make money!

Hey I found something great money maker to bloggers. It’s new, easy and successful. Till now I have been to many programs like blogging and so on, but I came across The News Room. Its not we have to provide news, its something that we need to embed the latest news from The News Room on our blog. And you get paid for flashing news on your blog. You earn $4 for 1000 impressions that received from your blog. Which mean you get $0.15 CPM, your earnings still continues with rewards like electronics, vacations and cars upon your participation .

You also earn money from advertising share .Whenever your mashed news is viewed from your blog you earn a share of advertising revenue. The News Room provides licensed news and stories from the well named sources like Associated Press (AP), Reuters and Agencies France-Press (AFP).The importanat advantage for being part of The News Room is that when we flash their latest news it attracts a lot of visitors to our blog and thus improves blog popularity and traffic.Thus giving our visitors wide and various things in to their knowledge. We also have an option not only to allow news on our blog ,we can even choose interesting stories to be on our blog which provides entertainment and fun to our viewers. Thus adding more spice to our blog.
The process is simple when you got registered with The News Room you need to embed the latest news or stories by pressing Mash Button. And from here you earn money for number of impressions you get.You can choose your own interesting news to be shown on your blog using Mash Button. Thus you can monitor flashed news according to the content of your blog.
And so The News Room not only mean for providing news to our viewers but also they pay to the bloggers in doing so. Easy deal !

Here is a sample

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