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Linkgrand gives money to its users for clicking ads. It is similar to pay per mail or pay to read advertising networks. But here in linkgrand you don't need to wait for your mails, instead you can directly visit their website and click the available advertisements and you can earn money for that.

How much money they pay per click?

They are paying 0.3 cents per click and one has to wait 20 seconds per click.

What is the minimum payout amount?

Minimum payout amount is $5 and they pay through paypal.

Do they have referral program?

Yes, they do pay 30% of your referral´s earning.

Do they accept people from all countries?

It doesnt really matter whether you are from U.S. or from India or China, they accept people from all countries.

One can not make thousands of dollars per month using linkgrand. But if you have enough referrals, you can at least cover your server fee or one can think in the other way. If you have some nice affiliate program or product to sell it is one of the best medium to advertise. Their advertisement plan start from $5 per 1000 hits. I will definitely try advertising there because of the following things:

1. I need to pay only $5 and I receive 1000 hits for that.
2. My link will stay in their website forever.

So in my opinion linkgrand attracts me more for advertising.


Another site is Wordlinx, also worth checking.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

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