Choosing the most popular subjects that you can write about in your blog

Having the ability to write articles that people are actually want to know about is an interesting preposition for many bloggers. If you have a product reviews blog, being the first one to write about a trend or upcoming products will help you stay ahead of the pack.

Writing popular subjects can bring a considerable amount of traffic when the search engine starts indexing your posts.

I can’t tell you really how to decide what a good subject but the following links might inspire you.

  • Top 20 Shopping Searches
    On the left of that page you’ll see a list of the top 20 shopping searches. They should all be good for sites
  • Google Zeitgeist
    Search trends at Google in various category showing a cumulative snapshot of interesting queries people are asking – some over time, some within country domains, and some on
  • Keyword Selector Tool
    Now can begin to see what people are actually searching for… not what you "think" they’re searching for.
  • Yahoo! Buzz
    Daily updated popular searches from Yahoo! search log files. Also the weekly Top 20 searches on Yahoo, including archives. Subjects range from TV, Sports to Video Games and more.
  • AOL Hot Searches
    Like Yahoo! Buzz, this page is updated daily showing the top current queries or see those in the last hour, last day and within particular categories.
  • Lycos 50
    Long-standing service showing top searches at Lycos each week.

There you have it! However, bear in mind that writing about popular topics could bring in heavy competition from other blogs and websites. But the sooner you write about a popular subject, the better your chance of securing good positions in the search engine for those subjects since it is likely that not many other bloggers have written about the subject when the trend breaks out.

A good write up will also encourage others to link to your post. The more popular topics you have the better the chance for some of the posts to be picked up by the search engines.

Just make sure not to water down your blog with posts unrelated to your niche for the sake of writing popular subjects and do not spam service like Technorati. Aim for quality and the quantity will follow.

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