Apple IPhone Hot Cash

The Apple iPhone has been creating a tremendous amount of buzz around the internet ever since Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced it a few months ago in January 2006.

Scheduled for a U.S release in 9 days on the 29th of June, the sleek iPhone is an extremely attractive gadget that is simultaneously a touchscreen phone, multimedia player, camera phone and web tool with wireless connectivity.

For businesses, entrepreneurs and even bloggers, the iPhone is an powerful niche market with a great amount of monetary potential. Websites centered around the Apple iPhone have been sprouting up as more people are searching for information concerning the iPhone.

These websites were created even before the iPhone was released and I expect to see a lot more Apple iPhone websites after the launch date and as mods and iPhone compatible products are developed by third-party businesses or Apple itself.

How Profitable is the Apple iPhone Niche Market?

The Apple iPhone niche is profitable. But how lucrative is it really? Let’s do a brief case study of a Apple iPhone website that’s been around for several months. The website in question is the Apple iPhone blog, a iPhone concept and design blogspot blog created by Okan Vardarova.


As you can probably tell from the screenshot, this blog has a unique design with all the content skewed towards the right. There is also very little textual content as it consists mainly of pictures. What is fascinating is that this blog is ranked #4 on Google for the term Apple iPhone and #6 for the term iPhone.

The site was recently put up for sale by its owner and a thread on the Digital Point forum was created for an auction. The owner provided some very interesting details about the amount of traffic the site receives, along with its Adsense earnings.

According to the owner, he made $600 in 18 days within the month of June and nearly $10K in 8 months through Adsense alone. The blog also receives approximately an average of 5,432 unique visitors a day and I believe the bulk of it comes from search engines and links on other websites.

What is worth noting is that the website’s last blog post was 6 months ago so the income and traffic figures are passive and based entirely on old content with zero updates.

Here is the link to the websites’s traffic stats along with a screenshot:


The website was eventually sold at at $4K to another webmaster and the auction was closed a few days ago.

Projecting Apple iPhone’s Contextual Ads and Traffic Potential

I thought that the Adsense earnings for the blog was absolutely fantastic because it had an unconventional design scheme with only two rectangle ad units.

I’m sure the earnings from the site would have been a lot more if it utilized a traditional blog format, with well optimized ad placement on single post pages. Not to mention if regular content were created on daily basis, which will very likely increase it’s income potential.

At the moment, there seems to be a general lack of advertisers for the iPhone, largely because it hasn’t launched yet. As a result of this, the blog currently displays ads for Dell, Blackberry and used iPods instead of iPhone ads alone. A search on the Adwords Keyword Tool for Apple iPhone confirms the lack of advertiser competition.

When the iPhone is released, more businesses will start utilizing Pay Per Click advertising through Adwords, thereby resulting in more relevant contextual Adsense ads. It’s reasonable to assume that the click through rate will increase considerably, hence leading to even greater profit.

Like the iPod, I’m absolutely certain that the actual search figures will see a big jump after the Apple iPhone is launched. Expect reviews, iPhone customizations and products to fill the marketplace, thereby enticing even more search traffic.

Money Making Tip to Take Away

Vardarova built his Apple iPhone site in October 2006, supposedly when rumors of the Apple iPhone started to surface. This was even before the official announcement by Steve Jobs in January 2007.

I’ll like to think that getting into the market very early (with a great domain name) and a unique concept had some impact on the blog’s search rankings and overall audience size.

The next time you hear a rumor from a big company, take an extra step and set up a basic website. It might just be the best move you’ve made a few months down the road.

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