Who Is Starving For Money? Google Trends Tool Answers.

I made some easily visible conclusions from the following Google Trends screenshots that I have taken.

1) 'make money' and 'work from home' strongly correlates.
People wants easy money while sitting at home and drinking their beers.

2) Nigerians 'known for some scams' are at the top of the list. We can not blame them.

'make money' leaders : Nigeria, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Pakistan
'work from home' leaders: South Africa, India, New Zealand

3) City leaders : Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Halifax(Canada), Las Vegas (USA), Orlando (USA), Delhi (India)

4) Las Vegas : They lose too much money through gambling there, so want to pay their debts and do search in Google ;)

How To Lose In Adsense Game!

It is an excerpt from another make money blog.

Places where you can spam:

1. Try to find the forums related to your blog content.

2. you can also spam the yahoo answers and yahoo groups

3. orkut communities is the best place to spam

try to find more…..don’t leave even a single opportunity to spam. this is how you can maintain ctr as really genuine clicks are very rare.

It is that easy. Thank you, we are enlightened now, Mayank :)

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Protect Your Adsense Income Now

By Paul Winter

Google is going after Content Spam. How can you protect your hard-earned Adsense income?

If you have been making money from Adsense for any length of time you will know the drill;

1)Create as many webpages as you can and get them online
2)Make sure that your pages are keyword rich
3)Work on getting all of the major search engines to index your pages.
4) Some of your visitors click on your Adsense ads.
5)You make a lot of money!

That’s the good news…but things are about to change! Up until now your hard work has benefitted both you and Google. You create hundreds, perhaps thousands of pages, and Google and you make a handsome profit on all of your vistitors that click on their ads. Up until now, Google has been very happy with this situation, but all of this is about to change.

Although you and Google like the current situation, Google’s customers hate it! The searchers have started to complain about all of the duplicate copy that they have to wade through in order to find the information that they are looking for. Google are in a dilemma. They built their business on great search results. And who decides if the results are great? The customer. If the searchers don”t like the results, they will go to Yahoo, MSN, Technorati, or anyone of hundreds of other search engines.

This is unacceptable to Google. After all, only a few years ago, the search engine scene was dominated by names like Alta Vista, Excite, Ask Jeeves, Looksmart and a host of other forgotten names. If there is one thing Google knows, it is that they could be one of those names in a couple years if they aren”t careful.

Google is now looking out for duplicate content and ‘’sandboxing”offending websites. Many are finding that pages which were once producing good positions on Google searches, are now no longer appearing anywhere near the top.

How do you get around this? How can you stop your hard earned income going down the pan? One way is for you to get rid of any articles on your sites that are not original. Perhaps you have used PLR articles and have the same content that many other websites have. You could then start to write totally original articles and put them online. This of course is time consuming, and if you have thousands of pages this could take months. Or you could use software that alters your articles and makes then original.

What ever you decide these changes will affect you and your income if you do nothing about them. One thing is for certain…Google is winning the battle!

About The Author

Paul Winter has been marketing online for six years. He is the editor of www.ArticlesRus.Net and http://www.ArticleBazaar.Net.

How to Get Profitable Adsense Keywords?

Knowing how to find the best keywords for use in your Adsense ads is not a straightforward process. Finding and implementing high profit, low competition keywords in your ads really is the trick for making Adsense payoff big. The following process should yield profitable, low competition keywords for your Adsense ads. This process is not perfect, but when you analyze it and try it for yourself, you can see that it makes sense. Adsense that is.

Step 1 Research some keywords for your niche that have a high CPC value. To do this, first find your keywords using the Google Adwords keyword tool or another tool that will give you niche specific lists of keywords. Save those keywords into a spreadsheet program as a csv file. Copy and paste those keywords into Google's Traffic Estimator (you will need an Adwords account). The traffic estimator will give you the estimated clicks per day and the average cost per click (CPC) for each keyword. Copy and paste this information back into your spreadsheet file for later reference.

Step 2 Multiply the average CPC by 30% to get an estimate of your maximum earnings per click. The higher the average CPC, the more likely the CPC for the 2nd - 8th positions are high as well. You want this higher average CPC to start because if the CPC starts to drop off significantly after the 3rd position, your chance of getting high click earnings as an Adsense publisher will be diminished.

Step 3 Use any one of many tools available on the internet for helping to estimate the 1st - 8th position CPC values. These tools will estimate the CPCs for each position and allow you to see how much the CPCs drop off after the first position. This dramatically helps your analysis for picking the most profitable keywords. If the CPC values stay close to the each other and to the value of the first position, then you will more than likely have a profitable keyword.

Step 4 Now determine which Adsense ads occupy which positions. You can do this by searching on Google for your keyword and looking to see which Adsense ads are generated in the search results and in which order they are. Another way to estimate this is to use the Adwords Accelerator tool. It has a feature whereby Adwords ads are dynamically displayed for a given keyword you input into the tool to check. If the Adwords advertiser has used "Adwords for Content" in his advertising, these ads will be the Adsense ads someone else is displaying on their website.

Step 5 Compare the ads you found in step 4 to the results of using a keyword check function tool (available on the internet). If the advertisers you find by doing this closely match those you found in step 4, you will more than likely have a profitable keyword.If the advertisers are not he same, then the advertiser is possibly not using the "Adwords for Content" mode of advertising in his campaigns. This means that the keyword may not be the basis for the Adsense ads and may not be profitable.

Step 6 Now you must get the traffic. If you decide to get traffic using the Adwords approach, then just use the keywords in your Adsense ads that scored well from the above evaluation. Then, use lower cost per click keywords in your Adwords ads. The difference between the earnings from the click you get on your Adsense word from the cost of the click you pay on your Adwords word will be your profit.
If you are planning to use search engine optimization techniques to get traffic to the website where your ads are, make sure the keywords you choose have the highest KEI possible. KEI is the ratio of the number of searches for a keyword to the number of competing sites having the keyword. The combination of a high KEI and a high score from the above evaluation will yield the best profit results

Widgets, Tools & Plug-In For Google Adsense Optimization.

  • AdWords and AdSense tools directory - A thousand tools and services for Google AdWords and Google AdSense.
  • Adspytracker - reveal which ads most clicked by visitors on your site and which format bring more clicked for you.
  • Adsense Chart - provide chart for total earning, click rate, page impression, number of click other useful data.
  • Adsense Deluxe - offers advanced options for managing the automatic insertion of Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads to your WordPress posts.
  • Adsense Injection - inserts Adsense code randomly into a pre-existing blog.
  • Adsense Inline - inserts Google Adsense in blog posts
  • Adsense Beautifier - makes your Adsense look beautiful by placing images beside them to increase your clicks (CTR) and subsequent Adsense earnings.
  • Adsense Widget for WordPress Sidebar - Google Adsense widget designed for the new WordPress Sidebar Widgets plug-in.
  • MightyAdsense - allows you to host the code in wordpress without having to modify the templates. Ads are displayed in post item and you can specify how many blocks it’s going to show up in a page.
  • AdRotator Wordpress Plugin - rotates your Adsense ads with other affiliate programs like Chitika Eminimalls wherever you want. Helps to reduce ad blindness and test different ad formats and affiliate programs.
  • Adsense Earnings Wordpress Plugin - displays your Adsense earning details within wordpress admin panel.
  • Adsense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System - allows you to view your Adsense earnings and share your Adsense impressions with your friends and co-authors.
  • Author Adsense Wordpress Plugin - allows blog authors to enter their Google Adsense Publisher ID and have ads displayed on their own posts generating revenue. Admin can set the ratio of author’s ads to admin ads.
  • Ads Black List - offer free and paid MFA filter site list, great to get out those MFA sites.
  • Adsense Notifier - Display Adsense earning in your Firefox bar.

AdSense Optimization Video - New Release

New video from the AdSense team :

The demo covers popular topics from optimal ad locations to the best performing ad formats. You’ll be able to see and learn AdSense best practices from real websites.

If you are new to AdSense or wanted to brush up your AdSense optimisation skills, spare 5 minutes of your time today and check out the demo. Once you’ve watched the Optimization Demo, take action and start applying those techniques in your blogs or sites immediately.

Watch the AdSense Optimization Demo here.

Banned from AdSense?! So begin recovering..

Even though you keep your site ethical, there is a chance to get banned from AdSense. This may be because of a visitor activity on your site which led to invalid clicks. However if you get flagged about invalid clicks, you would notice that Google doesn’t give you any data about the occurrence in their warning emails.

Therefore often webmasters have no idea about what to do and get banned ultimately. One way to avoid getting banned that I can think of is shutting down AdSense for a long period of time when you get your first warning.

If banned from AdSense, you get a chance to make an appeal but as some webmasters have observed, appeals are also handled by an automated bot which tends to reject appeals. So, if banned from AdSense, you have no option other than forgetting it and moving onto other money making schemes.

That’s perfectlyok since you may find some lucrative programs than AdSense. But what if you don’t get lucky? What if you were at the top of your AdSense experiments? What if you had devoted all you time in AdSense and you are pretty much sure you can make money with it in any site? Then you will feel it’s really difficult to live without AdSense.

As you might know, Google records all your data like Payee Name, Postal Address, Web Site URL etc. So, you won’t be able to re-register including any of previous details. All you can do is finding someone you can trust to use his name and address to create a new AdSense account.

You will also have to specify a different web site URL with good content where you can get an approval. If you successfully get your new account then remember not to include your new AdSense code in any of previous domains (where you had used your previous AdSense code) since Google keeps domain details too.

You may not notice higher earning-per-click with your new account at the beginning since now you are a whole new publisher with no history. But hopefully you will get back to same performance or more with the time. When the check comes, you will have to deposit it in your friend’s bank account and get your cash later on. You would also offer him a compensation :-)

Lose Time With Make Money Online Blogs !

“Make money online blogs” are becoming a new internet phenomenon. It really seems that every morning a few hundred people wake up and decide to create a blog about “how to make money online”. Most of these blogs die after only a few months while others become very popular and their readership increases rapidly. At least 99% of these “make money online blogs” have useless and duplicate content and I consider them just “low quality blogs” .

There are some really popular blogs about how to make money online and they are well established since a few years. Some of them have maybe 10-20 interesting articles while the rest of their content is not informative and boring. But what about this “new money blogs”? They are all the same. They never write about something new. Each “make money online” blog is doing nothing else than copying the popular “make money online” blogs.

Make money online blogs are crap but…many of them have success!


Read further >>

Apple IPhone Hot Cash

The Apple iPhone has been creating a tremendous amount of buzz around the internet ever since Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced it a few months ago in January 2006.

Scheduled for a U.S release in 9 days on the 29th of June, the sleek iPhone is an extremely attractive gadget that is simultaneously a touchscreen phone, multimedia player, camera phone and web tool with wireless connectivity.

For businesses, entrepreneurs and even bloggers, the iPhone is an powerful niche market with a great amount of monetary potential. Websites centered around the Apple iPhone have been sprouting up as more people are searching for information concerning the iPhone.

These websites were created even before the iPhone was released and I expect to see a lot more Apple iPhone websites after the launch date and as mods and iPhone compatible products are developed by third-party businesses or Apple itself.

How Profitable is the Apple iPhone Niche Market?

The Apple iPhone niche is profitable. But how lucrative is it really? Let’s do a brief case study of a Apple iPhone website that’s been around for several months. The website in question is the Apple iPhone blog, a iPhone concept and design blogspot blog created by Okan Vardarova.


As you can probably tell from the screenshot, this blog has a unique design with all the content skewed towards the right. There is also very little textual content as it consists mainly of pictures. What is fascinating is that this blog is ranked #4 on Google for the term Apple iPhone and #6 for the term iPhone.

The site was recently put up for sale by its owner and a thread on the Digital Point forum was created for an auction. The owner provided some very interesting details about the amount of traffic the site receives, along with its Adsense earnings.

According to the owner, he made $600 in 18 days within the month of June and nearly $10K in 8 months through Adsense alone. The blog also receives approximately an average of 5,432 unique visitors a day and I believe the bulk of it comes from search engines and links on other websites.

What is worth noting is that the website’s last blog post was 6 months ago so the income and traffic figures are passive and based entirely on old content with zero updates.

Here is the link to the websites’s traffic stats along with a screenshot:


The website was eventually sold at at $4K to another webmaster and the auction was closed a few days ago.

Projecting Apple iPhone’s Contextual Ads and Traffic Potential

I thought that the Adsense earnings for the blog was absolutely fantastic because it had an unconventional design scheme with only two rectangle ad units.

I’m sure the earnings from the site would have been a lot more if it utilized a traditional blog format, with well optimized ad placement on single post pages. Not to mention if regular content were created on daily basis, which will very likely increase it’s income potential.

At the moment, there seems to be a general lack of advertisers for the iPhone, largely because it hasn’t launched yet. As a result of this, the blog currently displays ads for Dell, Blackberry and used iPods instead of iPhone ads alone. A search on the Adwords Keyword Tool for Apple iPhone confirms the lack of advertiser competition.

When the iPhone is released, more businesses will start utilizing Pay Per Click advertising through Adwords, thereby resulting in more relevant contextual Adsense ads. It’s reasonable to assume that the click through rate will increase considerably, hence leading to even greater profit.

Like the iPod, I’m absolutely certain that the actual search figures will see a big jump after the Apple iPhone is launched. Expect reviews, iPhone customizations and products to fill the marketplace, thereby enticing even more search traffic.

Money Making Tip to Take Away

Vardarova built his Apple iPhone site in October 2006, supposedly when rumors of the Apple iPhone started to surface. This was even before the official announcement by Steve Jobs in January 2007.

I’ll like to think that getting into the market very early (with a great domain name) and a unique concept had some impact on the blog’s search rankings and overall audience size.

The next time you hear a rumor from a big company, take an extra step and set up a basic website. It might just be the best move you’ve made a few months down the road.

How to make money blogging - The best strategies

You can make money from blogging. There’s no secret and you’ll just really need to know how to get started and which blogging framework to follow.

It’s not a difficult process at all and this post will provide distinct methods you can use to generate substantial income from blogging. These seven methods are strategies you can adopt right from the beginning, preferably before you set up your first blog.

You can think of them as guidelines which point out the different options you have, if you’re serious about using blogging as a method of making money online.

1. The “Flagship” or Big Blog Route

This is simultaneously the most profitable and most time-consuming blog venture. The flagship method directs all your focus on a few blogs in order to make them incredibly popular in their niche. Flagship blogs should have a large audience as well as high daily visitor traffic numbers.

These type of big blogs have a wide variety of monetization options with direct advertising sales being a big part of it. Know that not everyone can successfully create a big blog so attempt this route only if you absolutely believe that you have the networking skills, niche knowledge and marketing know-how that’s needed.

  • Benefits: Fame as well as more monetization options/potential for your blogs, allow with personal satisfaction. Another advantage is that big blogs usually market or promote themselves automatically once a certain level of fame has been achieved.
  • Disadvantages: Very time-consuming especially if you are not outsourcing the content creation or marketing duties. Expect a lot of work and experiment with creative promotional ideas if you decide to go this route.

2. The “Pay per Post” or Get Paid to Blog Route

This is rather simple. Set up multiple niche blogs on either your own domains or free blog hosts like Blogger. Maintain them over a period of time and focus on writing content and building up their Google PageRank, link profile and Alexa Rank.

Submit all of your blogs to multiple get paid to blog websites like Blogitive, Blogsvertise, Review Me, Sponsored Reviews, PayperPost, LoudLaunch and then start writing sponsored posts. I highly recommending using PayperPost as they simply have the largest amount of paid offers available.

  • Benefits: The greatest strength of this method is that you don’t even need a large audience to make money. 20 people could be visiting and reading your blogs everyday and you’ll still be able to make at least $15 a day from each blog. If skillfully done over multiple blogs, this method can allow you to easily make over $1.5 K a month.
  • Disadvantages: No passive income. You’ll need to spend time writing multiple sponsored blog posts, which can be boring and time consuming. Work will also be needed to maintain your multiple blogs, although that will be minimal after they have been optimized and running for some time.

3. The Automated Blogging or Splog Route

Automated blogging involves the setting up of blogs which automatically pull content from RSS feeds, search engines and news sources to serve as content on your website.

Some bloggers set this to pull full RSS feeds which does go against some copyrights and one can choose to only include excerpts with a link back to the site in question. Monetization for automated sites is usually done through contextual ads like Google Adsense or affiliate programs.

  • Benefits: Very little work needed to maintain these blogs as they do not need you to actively generate or write content. You might need to do a little SEO and regular maintenance now and then. Try if you are adventurous.
  • Disadvantage: A weak potential for profit unless you understand the entire process perfectly and if you have quite a large number of blogs.

    I estimate that a fully automated blog will make you around $5 a month although the actual value depends on the niche and your skills. Assuming that this is so, you’ll need 1,000 blogs to make around $5000 a month. Splogs dwell in ethically gray areas as well.

4. The Text Link Selling Blog Route

The main bulk of your income through this method comes from selling text links to various webmasters and businesses who want to improve their site ranking in Google. While text link selling works for the flagship or other blog models as well, sites can be primarily built for text link sales as well.

The overwhelming emphasis here is on Google PageRank and niche relevancy so you’ll need to focus on these two factors. You can either convert a domain into a text link and sponsored post selling blog or you can purchase a domain with existing PageRank to sell text links for a quick buck. I suggest looking for link buyers directly through webmaster forums.

  • Benefits: Selling text links or contextual text links is rather easy and doesn’t involve much work. Potential for profit will correspond to your Google Page Rank and niche. A site with a high PageRank and a profitable niche (mortgages, credit cards) will be very attractive to link buyers. Like paid review blogs, traffic is not a factor in these blogs as well.
  • Disadvantages: Over Reliance on the Google PageRank algorithm means that your income may rise or fall depending on your actual Page Rank. There may also be a limit to the number of links you can sell which leads to an income ceiling.

5. The Made-for-Adsense or Made-for-Affiliate-Program Route

This involves setting up a blog around a specific topic with moderately high priced keywords (e.g. teeth whitening, car loans). You’ll only need to create around 25 keyword rich articles on the topic, optimize it for search, set up Adsense or affiliate programs and then leave them alone.

The main emphasis is on building links to the specific webpages, according to the long tail keywords you want to target. Search engine visitors will then find your blog and either click on the ads or convert on a product.

  • Benefits: Not a lot of time involved as you can usually contract an experienced writer to develop the keyword rich articles. Not much time is needed to update the blogs as well and new material can be added on a bi-weekly or even monthly basis.
  • Disadvantages: There might be a lot of competition in a profitable niche and search traffic might not lead to sufficient income, unless you go for volume and set up dozens of similar websites in other niches as well.

6. The Blog Network or Contract Blogging Route

This involves joining a blog network and getting paid to maintain and create content for blogs. You’ll get paid according to the amount of pageviews, possibly receive a token base fee in the hundreds or a share of the blog’s ad revenue.

  • Benefits. Relatively stable monthly income because of the base fee. Contract work usually leads to more freelance blogging or writing assignments because of your proven ability or association with a specific organization.
  • Disadvantages: Why bother? If you’re that good at creating and promoting a blog, set up your own website and keep all the profits. However, it is useful to note that a lot depends on the type of network or contract agreement you receive.

7. The Blog-as-Marketing or Branding Route

This method will only apply if you own an online business or provide a freelance service like web design, copy writing or marketing consultation. A blog can be used to help promote your personal or business brand and attract more customers.

This is an indirect method of making money. Ideally, this sort of a blog shouldn’t be plastered with ads or paid reviews because it can tarnish the image of the brand.

  • Benefits. A blog can help your brand or business to develop much more search visibility because it allows you to easily create more fresh content that caters to specific demographics as well.
  • Disadvantages. Your blog will only be as useful as the quality of the service or product you are pushing. The amount of money you earn doesn’t entirely depend on the quality of the blog but the value of your service/product as well. Income is therefore indirect and can be inconsistent.


As you can see, there are several strategies you can choose if you’re interesting in making money from blogs. To ensure maximum success, be sure to pick one that suits your personal schedule, skill level and interests.

Earn money by clicking ads - Linkgrand

Linkgrand gives money to its users for clicking ads. It is similar to pay per mail or pay to read advertising networks. But here in linkgrand you don't need to wait for your mails, instead you can directly visit their website and click the available advertisements and you can earn money for that.

How much money they pay per click?

They are paying 0.3 cents per click and one has to wait 20 seconds per click.

What is the minimum payout amount?

Minimum payout amount is $5 and they pay through paypal.

Do they have referral program?

Yes, they do pay 30% of your referral´s earning.

Do they accept people from all countries?

It doesnt really matter whether you are from U.S. or from India or China, they accept people from all countries.

One can not make thousands of dollars per month using linkgrand. But if you have enough referrals, you can at least cover your server fee or one can think in the other way. If you have some nice affiliate program or product to sell it is one of the best medium to advertise. Their advertisement plan start from $5 per 1000 hits. I will definitely try advertising there because of the following things:

1. I need to pay only $5 and I receive 1000 hits for that.
2. My link will stay in their website forever.

So in my opinion linkgrand attracts me more for advertising.


Another site is Wordlinx, also worth checking.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Embed relevant videos and make money!

Hey I found something great money maker to bloggers. It’s new, easy and successful. Till now I have been to many programs like blogging and so on, but I came across The News Room. Its not we have to provide news, its something that we need to embed the latest news from The News Room on our blog. And you get paid for flashing news on your blog. You earn $4 for 1000 impressions that received from your blog. Which mean you get $0.15 CPM, your earnings still continues with rewards like electronics, vacations and cars upon your participation .

You also earn money from advertising share .Whenever your mashed news is viewed from your blog you earn a share of advertising revenue. The News Room provides licensed news and stories from the well named sources like Associated Press (AP), Reuters and Agencies France-Press (AFP).The importanat advantage for being part of The News Room is that when we flash their latest news it attracts a lot of visitors to our blog and thus improves blog popularity and traffic.Thus giving our visitors wide and various things in to their knowledge. We also have an option not only to allow news on our blog ,we can even choose interesting stories to be on our blog which provides entertainment and fun to our viewers. Thus adding more spice to our blog.
The process is simple when you got registered with The News Room you need to embed the latest news or stories by pressing Mash Button. And from here you earn money for number of impressions you get.You can choose your own interesting news to be shown on your blog using Mash Button. Thus you can monitor flashed news according to the content of your blog.
And so The News Room not only mean for providing news to our viewers but also they pay to the bloggers in doing so. Easy deal !

Here is a sample

8 Benefits Of Helping a Newbie to Make Money Online

When a beginner ask for your advice and help; you answer the beginner's questions and provide the right information to help the beginner solves his/her problems. You are likely to gain a number of benefits from doing that. Even if the newbies questions are beyond your knowledge to answer, you can still help them by pointing them to the right direction to get the info they needed. Below are eight possible benefits you could receive:

1. You will feel good knowing that you had a part in helping them build their business. You can sit back and say "I had a part in their success."

2. They may become one of your best friends. Most people can use new friends, even business owners. You may even become business partners and create a totally new business together.

3. You could end up being strategic business allies in the future. You could regularly do joint venture and cross promotion deals with each other.

4. They may help you out with your business. Maybe they will give you some testimonials or endorsements for your products or services.

5. You might gain some valuable referrals from them. They may also join your affiliate program and make sales for your business.

6. They might offer you some free advertising space on their web site or in their e-zine for your help. You could also exchange advertising with them.

7. You both could end up developing a new product or service together. The product or service could be a combination of your current ones.

8. They might purchase the products you sell and become one of your best customers. You could sell them many back end products or services in the future.

There are probably many other benefits you could get from helping a new online business owner. Always remember to help them out because it's the nice thing to do and not just to benefit your own business.

How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs

How do bloggers make money from blogs?

I’ve been reflecting this week about the amazing diversity of opportunities that are opening up for bloggers to make money from blogs.

I’ve long advised that bloggers seeking to make money from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket.

I thought I’d take a look at some of the methods that bloggers are currently using to make money through blogs.

Advertising Programs - Perhaps the most obvious changes in the past few months have been with the addition of a variety of viable advertising options for bloggers. The most common way bloggers seem to earn money online is via the contextual ad program from Google - Adsense. Another two popular ones with many is BlogAds. A more recent addition that many are using successfully are Chitika’s eMiniMalls and CrispAds, Text Link Ads.

Azoogle Ads, Intelli Txt, Peak Click, DoubleClickTribal Fusion, Adbrite, Clicksor, Industry Brains, Kanoodle, AVN, Pheedo, Adknowledge, YesAdvertising, RevenuePilotTextAds, SearchFeed, Target Point, Bidvertiser, Fastclick Value Click and OneMonkey (to name just some of the options - I’m sure I’ve forgotten some) and there is a smorgasbord of options.

RSS Advertising - The past 12 months have seen some advances in RSS Advertising also.

Affiliate Programs - There are larger affiliate programs like Amazon, Linkshare, Clickbank and Commission Junction but also literally thousands of others from the large to the very small.

Digital Assets - Increasing numbers of bloggers have been developing other digital assets to support and add revenue streams to their blogs. By this I mean that I’m increasingly seeing e-books, courses and tele-seminars being run by bloggers. This type of activity will only increase in future - in fact this week I’ve seen numerous examples of bloggers running courses.

Blog Network Opportunities - with the rise in popularity of Blog Networks - bloggers are also being presented with more places to earn an income from their blogging - by writing for and with others. While it might be difficult to get a writing gig with one of the bigger networks - there are plenty who are always asking for new bloggers to join and who are willing to pay bloggers using a variety of payment models. While there are distinct advantages of blogging for yourself - blogging for an established network who will handle a lot of the set up/promotion/admin/SEO etc has it’s advantages also. More and more bloggers are combining writing for themselves on their own blogs with taking on blog network blogs as additional income streams.

Business Blog Writing Opportunities - as blogging has risen in it’s profile as a medium more and more businesses are starting blogs. Many of these companies have internal staff take on blogging duties - but an increasing number of them are hiring specialist bloggers to come on and run their blogs. I know of a number of bloggers who in the past month or two have been approached for such paid work. Check out Bloggers for Hire if you’re looking for this type of work.

Non Blogging Writing Opportunities - Also becoming more common are bloggers being hired to write in non blogging mediums. Along side this is the rise of bloggers as published book authors - this is to the extent that one blogger I spoke with this week complained to me that they were one of the few bloggers than they knew who didn’t have a book deal!

Donations - Tip Jars and donation buttons have been a part of blogging for years now but this last year saw a number of bloggers go full time after fundraising drives. Perhaps the most high profile of these was Jason Kottke of kottke.org who through the generosity of his readership was able to quit his job and become a full time blogger.

Flipping Blogs - Also more common in 2007 was the practice of ‘Blog Flipping’ - or selling of blogs. This has happened both on an individual blog level (I can think of about 20 blogs that sold this year) but also on a network level.

Merchandising - Success with merchandising - quite a few larger blogs are seeing significant sales - especially blogs with a cult following. I’m not at liberty to discuss details - but I know of one largish blog which will see sales over $40,000 in merchandise for the calendar year of 2007.

Consulting and Speaking - While it has been popular for established consultants to add blogs to their businesses we’re also starting to see bloggers with no consulting background able to make money by charging readers for their time in consulting scenarios BECAUSE of the profile that their blogs have built them. Blogging has the ability to establish people as experts on niche topics and we all know the value of being perceived as an expert. I spoke to one blogger last month who charges himself out at over $200 an hour for speaking and consulting work - his area of expertise was something that he knew little about 18 months ago - but through his blog he’s become a leader in his field and a minor celebrity in his industry.

As time rolls on there are more and more ways that bloggers make money from their blogs opening up. Feel free to suggest your own ideas and experiences in comments below.

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